Medicare Chart Book 2005

This updated resource features more than 80 charts and tables with detailed information about the Medicare program and the 42 million seniors and younger people with disabilities who rely on the program for health insurance coverage. It covers a wide range of relevant data, including state-by-state information when available. Each section can be accessed individually, or the full chartbook can be downloaded in its entirety.

Complete Medicare Chartbook 2005 (.pdf)

Overview (.pdf)

Section 1: Medicare Beneficiaries (.pdf)

Section 2: Medicare Benefits and Utilization (.pdf)

Section 3: Supplemental Insurance Coverage and Medicare Advantage (.pdf)

Section 4: Out-of-Pocket Spending (.pdf)

Section 5: Medicare and Prescription Drugs (.pdf)

Section 6: Medicare Spending (.pdf)

Section 7: Medicare Financing and Future Projections (.pdf)

Appendices (.pdf)

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