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Koonal Gandhi

Chief Investment Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Senior Vice President

Koonal Gandhi was the Chief Investment Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of the Kaiser Family Foundation. He was previously a Director at The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), an emerging market fund of funds sponsored by the US Government.  At OPIC, Koonal invested over $1.0 billion into private equity funds across Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Russia and Eastern Europe and Latin America. During 2009, Koonal worked as an Investment Specialist at the United States Treasury; helping to lead the $40.0 billion Public Private Investment Program which seeded private equity style funds investing in residential and commercial mortgage backed securities. Koonal currently serves on the Board of Directors of the MidPen Housing Corporation. He received a BA in Economics and a BA in Political Science from the University of Michigan and a Master of Public Policy from Georgetown University where he graduated as a Presidential Management Fellow.