Gretchen Jacobson

Associate Director, Program on Medicare Policy

Gretchen Jacobson was an Associate Director with the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Program on Medicare Policy where she directed and conducted projects pertaining to the Medicare program and the population it serves, with much of her work focused on Medicare Advantage plans and low-income beneficiaries.

In recent years, her work has appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine and Health Affairs, as well as other peer-reviewed journals. She has provided expert testimony before Congress and has been quoted as an expert by national and local media outlets. Prior to joining the Kaiser Family Foundation, Dr. Jacobson was an analyst in health care financing at the Congressional Research Service, serving as an expert resource for Congress. She also previously held positions where she directed research on the market value of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and health insurance.

Dr. Jacobson holds a doctorate (Ph.D.) in health economics from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, and a masters degree in (S.M.) epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health. She received a bachelors degree (B.A.) in economics from Tufts University.