Zika Virus Outbreak Highlights Women’s Reproductive Health Challenges In Latin America; U.S. Could Use Diplomatic Leverage To Improve Access To Services, Kaiser Family Foundation Brief Suggests

USA TODAY: Zika highlights lack of access to contraception, abortion in Latin America
“The Zika outbreak spreading throughout Latin American and the Caribbean is shedding light on what women’s health advocates call an equally important public health crisis: the lack of contraception and basic maternity care in much of the region. … Latin America and the Caribbean have some of the world’s most restrictive abortion laws, according to [a brief released Tuesday by the Kaiser Family Foundation]…” (Szabo, 2/2).

Vox: Why Zika is a huge Catch-22 for pregnant women
“…The United States may have a role to play as well, according to researchers at the Kaiser Family Foundation. The U.S. government could boost family planning aid, although it can’t help with abortion services due to the restrictions [currently interpreted] under the Helms amendment. The U.S. could also use its public health expertise and diplomatic leverage to pressure countries into protecting the rights of women and girls…” (Crockett, 2/3).