World Should Prepare For Global Health Threats Like Preparing For War, GAVI CEO Berkley Says

Business Insider: We should prepare for the next epidemic the same way we prepare for nuclear war
“The U.S. Navy has a fleet of submarines carrying nuclear missiles that are always in place, just in case. That, GAVI Vaccine Alliance CEO Seth Berkley said, is what the world’s response to global health threats should look like. … Instead of drumming up sudden interest in public health problems only when they start to be a problem (think: the widespread panic that came after the 2014 Ebola outbreak, and the world’s immediate response to Zika), Berkley thinks it would be a much better idea to always have a system in place so that we’re not starting from scratch the next time a little-known disease starts to affect a lot of people…” (Ramsey, 9/21).