World Must Address Multiple Geo-Economic Risks In 2015, Including Conflict, Water Shortages, Climate Change

Huffington Post: 2015: A Year of Action for Global Risks?
Margareta Drzeniek-Hanousz, lead economist at the World Economic Forum

“Geo-economic conflict is the number one risk facing the world right now, according to the Global Risks 2015 report. Experts believe we face a greater threat of terrorist attacks and state crises, while water shortages and extreme weather can create more havoc and be more frequent due to intensifying climate change. The good news is that the capacity of the human race for avoiding risks, mitigating them, and strengthening resilience is now higher than ever in human history. And 2015 in particular presents a number of opportunities to address global risks. There are reasons for optimism that this year may bring significant action…” (1/23).