World Health Day Places Focus On Food Safety, ‘From Farm To Plate’

News outlets report on World Health Day, recognized on April 7. The theme of this year’s day is “From farm to plate, make food safe.”

Devex: When one country’s food safety problem becomes a global concern
“…The U.N. health agency is scheduled to publish by the fourth quarter of this year a final report providing a full picture of the global burden of foodborne diseases. Initial data already suggests that unsafe food is causing more than 200 diseases globally, from diarrhea to cancer. It is killing an estimated two million people annually. And, if left unchecked, it could spread like wildfire, threaten global health security, and leave a negative social and economic impact — similar to what Ebola did in West Africa…” (Ravelo, 4/6).

International Business Times: World Health Day 2015: Facts and figures to highlight the importance of food safety
“Food safety is the focus of this year’s World Health Day, to draw attention to the global threat of foodborne illness and disease — a problem largely under-reported and often overlooked. With the food supply chain stretching around the world, the need to strengthen food safety systems within and among countries is essential…” (Smith, 4/7).