World Economic Forum Annual Meeting To Gather Amid ‘Changing Politics Around Foreign Aid’

Devex: Opinion: What the development community can expect from Davos
Raj Kumar, founding president and editor in chief of Devex

“It is a feature of the importance of the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting — gathering again in the Swiss resort of Davos this week — that it perennially becomes drawn into the zeitgeist of the moment. This year all eyes are on the rise of populism in the rich world. … What is different this year is a sense that this gathering itself is not an objective observer of world events but a partisan on the losing side; that Davos is all about globalization, technological progress, and social inclusion at a time when so many people are demanding a different vision of their economies and their political future. … [A]s we begin our coverage of the World Economic Forum annual meeting, Devex will be looking out for all the big themes as they play out — some that are impacting our community today and others into the future. One of the most important themes is the changing politics around foreign aid. … Our team, both on the snowy ground here and around the world, will be monitoring official announcements and social media to keep the Devex community up to date on all the global development news coming out of Davos…” (1/16).