World Bank’s Efforts To End Extreme Poverty Benefit Americans

The Hill: Born out of war, World Bank is beacon of security around globe
William Danvers, special representative for international affairs at the World Bank

“…[The World Bank’s] work continues to deliver concrete and measurable benefits that translate into greater economic security and stability, for Americans. … Financing human capital — education, health, jobs — is not aid or charity, it’s an investment that benefits us all. … Working with other partners, including the private sector, we created a global Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility to deliver a rapid response to severe disease outbreaks before they become pandemics. We’ve also committed to strengthen the public health systems of at least 25 countries, so they are better prepared for outbreaks. … At the World Bank Group, we will continue to work towards our inspirational goals — in some of the most difficult areas of the world — because we believe we all have a moral responsibility to do more to help people lift themselves out of both fragility and extreme poverty, to help stabilize the countries they live in, and to give them hope for the future” (8/28).