World Bank Withdraws Loan To Tanzania Over Policy Expelling Pregnant Girls From School; Denmark Withholds Aid Over Human Rights Concerns

The Guardian: World Bank pulls $300m Tanzania loan over pregnant schoolgirl ban
“The World Bank has withdrawn a $300m (£232m) loan to Tanzania amid concerns about the nation’s policy of expelling pregnant girls from school. The money, a significant proportion of funding totaling $500m awarded to Tanzania by the bank in 2018, was scheduled for approval last month. It was intended to help Tanzania’s education ministry to improve access to secondary education…” (McVeigh, 11/15).

Reuters: Tanzania loses Denmark aid over rights concerns after World Bank scraps loan
“Tanzania’s second-biggest donor Denmark said it would withhold $10 million worth of aid money, citing concerns over human rights abuses and ‘unacceptable homophobic comments’ made by a government official…” (Jacobsen/Obulutsa, 11/15).