World Bank To Send $15M In Emergency Funding To Avert Food Crisis In Ebola-Hit West Africa

International Business Times: As Ebola Virus Outbreak Slows, World Bank To Send $15M In Aid To Prevent Food Crises
“…Just as the U.S. recalled its troops from West Africa, the World Bank pledged millions of dollars in emergency aid to avoid a food crisis that could leave millions starving. … The agency plans to send up to $15 million in emergency funding to buy 10,500 metric tons of maize and rice seeds for 200,000 farmers in time for planting season…” (Caulderwood, 2/12).

U.N. News Centre: Ebola: World Bank will provide seeds to farmers in West Africa to ward off hunger
“…The funds in the amount of up to $15 million, in the form of grants financed by the International Development Association (IDA) and the Ebola Recovery and Reconstruction Trust Fund, will also be used to purchase fertilizer required to multiply foundation seed to meet tight planting season deadlines and help lay the foundations for sustained recovery, according to the announcement…” (2/12).