World Bank Framework Provides Resource For Policymakers To Accelerate Progress On SDGs

Huffington Post: Trajectories for the Sustainable Development Goals
Mahmoud Mohieldin, corporate secretary and president’s special envoy at the World Bank Group

“…[A recent World Bank Group publication uses a] framework to analyze the likely progress on [the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)] and their determinants and to discuss country policy and financing options to accelerate progress. It looks at 10 country examples that are geographically dispersed and include low-income, middle-income, landlocked, natural resource-rich, and small island countries. … The framework aims to be of value and serve as a useful resource for policymakers as well as development practitioners. In addition, the lessons learned could be applied to other countries and further improve policymakers’ ability to identify and address opportunities and challenges for the achievement of the SDGs. The framework also serves as a commencement point for quantitative analysis to better understand the policy and financial efforts needed to attain the SDGs” (12/3).