World Bank Developing New Strategy For Operations In Fragile States; WB, IMF Stand Ready To Respond In Venezuela

Associated Press: IMF, WB ready to respond to Venezuelan humanitarian crisis
“The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank said Thursday they are ready to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela if their participation is requested. … Neither the World Bank nor the IMF has taken a position in the political struggle between Maduro and Juan Guaidó, the U.S.-backed head of Venezuela’s opposition-controlled congress who has declared himself interim president…” (Lugo, 4/11).

Devex: World Bank looking for new options in fragile and conflict states
“The World Bank is currently in the consultation phase of a new strategy for fragility, conflict, and violence, which officials hope will help the institution enter conflict-affected areas earlier and with a better understanding of how security and development intersect. The development of the new strategy could represent another step for the institution into protracted crises where early investments must contend with issues of politics, risk, and instability that the bank was not historically created to deal with, according to those working on the effort…” (Igoe, 4/11).