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Working Paper Examines Global Health Governance In China, India

“In my new working paper, ‘Enter the Dragon and the Elephant: China’s and India’s Participation in Global Health Governance,’ I examine these two leading emerging countries’ role in global health governance (GHG) and how further participation can be complicated by domestic health challenges,” Yanzhong Huang, a senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations, writes in Seton Hall University’s “Global Health Governance” blog. “Focusing on three dimensions of GHG (health-related foreign assistance, the development and implementation of global health rules, and the ideational foundations of their participation), I conclude that both countries have been increasingly active in participating in GHG,” he writes, adding, “However, China’s and India’s contributions thus far not only fall short of international expectations, but also fail to offer a viable, sustainable alternative to the existing governance paradigm” (4/3).