Women’s Rights Must Move Beyond Rhetoric To Implementing ‘Concrete Actions’

Devex: Women’s equality and inclusive peace need to move beyond talk
Simone Filippini, CEO of Cordaid

“…[O]n the ground, that’s where the battle for women’s rights is being fought and where real progress is and needs to be made. It’s also where funding is needed most. … Instead of annually pooling funds for the official [Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)] meeting and organizing 650 side events, let’s reallocate those resources to concrete implementation of the commitments made and fund women organizing community mediation, economic enterprises, dialogue on gender-based violence, and many more initiatives that have direct impact on the ground. … [Civil society organizations (CSOs)], including women’s rights movements, have so much potential to change societies for the better. But that means we need funding, capacity building, and concrete actions against those who repress people helping their countries and communities blossom…” (3/30).