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Women Residents Of Kenyan Slum Protest Government’s Slow Response To Sanitation, Land Rights

The Guardian: Nairobi’s female slum dwellers march for sanitation and land rights
“…About 100 female residents of Mukuru, an informal settlement in south-east Nairobi, traveled across town to wave signs and sing songs in a bid to grasp the attention of a government that has for decades failed to recognize their existence. … Last year, two separate lawsuits were launched by Mukuru’s community leaders: one claiming ownership of the land the slum is on, and another demanding access to sanitation facilities. … But more than a year after filing the lawsuits, neither case has had a hearing date set, and the slum dwellers worry that they will continue to be marginalized despite a widely praised new constitution in 2010, which enshrined the right of all citizens to sanitation and shelter…” (Anderson, 10/29).