WHO’s ‘Empty War Chest’ Needs To Be Filled, Chan Says In NPR Interview

NPR on Thursday featured two pieces on Ebola, including an interview with senior U.N. officials.

NPR: Ebola Fight Requires Massive War Chest
“[NPR host] David Greene talks to World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan and David Nabarro, head of the U.N.’s effort against Ebola, about the current outbreak in West Africa…” (9/4).

NPR: How Do We Stop Ebola? WHO Declares War On The Virus
“… ‘If we are going to go to war with Ebola, we do need resources,’ Chan told NPR’s David Greene during an interview Thursday on Morning Edition. ‘An empty war chest is not going to do it.’ The organization is hoping to raise $600 million from donor countries to fight the outbreak in West Africa, where the number of Ebola cases has already surpassed 3,500 and the death toll is inching toward 2,000…” (9/4).