WHO’s Announcement Of New Leadership Cabinet, New Priorities Brings ‘Valuable Momentum To The Renewal’ Of Agency

The Lancet: WHO launches new leadership, new priorities
Editorial Board

“WHO’s Director-General, Dr. Tedros, last week launched his new cabinet to widespread acclaim. … The announcement also translated Tedros’s verbal promises into structural commitments. New priorities include Universal Health Coverage, climate change, and access to medicines. … A special session of the Executive Board will be convened in November to agree a future global program of work for the agency. … WHO is at its best when it amplifies its voice and reach by establishing radical and innovative initiatives led by internationally recognized technical or political leaders. … The goal of transformational change is good. But it might be more practical for WHO to deliver on a limited number of tangible and feasible objectives rather than speaking in terms of broad generalities and aspirations. Dr. Tedros and his team will be judged on specific and measurable successes — such as pandemic protection and stronger health systems. The announcement last week has brought additional and valuable momentum to the renewal of WHO. The agency must now raise its political game” (10/14).