WHO Urges Governments To Scale Up Investment In Efforts Against NTDs

Media outlets discuss a new WHO report, titled “Investing to overcome the global impact of neglected tropical diseases.”

Agence France-Presse: WHO urges billions to fight neglected tropical diseases
“The World Health Organization on Thursday urged countries to invest billions of dollars to tackle 17 neglected tropical diseases — including dengue fever, leprosy, and sleeping sickness — which kill 500,000 people globally each year…” (Carmichael, 2/19).

Deutsche Welle: WHO urges billions in fight against Neglected Tropical Diseases
“…Some 1.5 billion people in 149 countries are affected by NTDs … according to the WHO. The U.N. organization forecasted a total of $34 billion needed for the fight against NTDs in the next 16 years…” (2/19).

Reuters: WHO urges developing countries to fund tropical diseases fight
“… ‘Increased investments by national governments can alleviate human misery, distribute economic gains more evenly, and free masses of people long trapped in poverty,’ WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said in a report…” (Kelland, 2/19).

WHO: WHO urges governments to increase investment to tackle neglected tropical diseases
“…This investment would represent as little as 0.1 percent of current domestic expenditure on health in affected low- and middle-income countries for the period 2015-2030…” (2/19).