WHO Reports 14 More Suspected Ebola Cases, 1 Additional Death; New Test Allow Quicker Diagnoses

CIDRAP News: DRC notes 14 more suspected Ebola cases, new death
“…Peter Salama, MD, the WHO’s deputy director general of emergency response, said on Twitter [Monday] that, of the new suspected cases, three are from Jun 9 and 11 are from Jun 8. Samples from 12 earlier suspected patients were negative for Ebola virus, putting the overall outbreak total at 66, including 38 confirmed cases, 14 probable infections, and 14 suspected illnesses. He said the death occurred in a known confirmed case, which nudges the fatality total to 28…” (Schnirring, 6/11).

Nature: Speedy Ebola tests help contain Africa’s latest outbreak
“Health workers fighting the Ebola epidemic that swept West Africa several years ago waited days, even a week, for the results of laboratory tests to detect the deadly virus. But in an Ebola outbreak that began in early April in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), this waiting time has shrunk to hours — thanks to a genetic test that was developed in response to the 2014-2016 West African epidemic…” (Butler, 6/11).