WHO Rejects Calls From Health Experts To Move, Postpone Rio Olympics Because Of Zika

Associated Press: U.N. health agency rejects Rio Olympics postponement call
“The World Health Organization says there is ‘no public health justification’ for postponing or canceling the Rio de Janeiro Olympics because of the Zika outbreak…” (Moulson, 5/28).

Deutsche Welle: WHO says ‘no public health justification’ for postponing Olympics over Zika virus
“…WHO’s comments come a day after 150 health experts from around the world issued an open letter urging the global health body to delay or cancel the games in Brazil, where the virus has hit the hardest…” (5/28).

NPR: World Health Organization Dismisses Calls To Move Or Postpone Rio Olympics
“…[The letter] called on WHO to conduct a new assessment of its recommendations regarding Zika and the games, citing concerns about the medical consequences of the strain of the virus found in Brazil…” (Kennedy, 5/28).

Reuters: Delaying Rio Games would give ‘false security’ on Zika: WHO panel head
“…Extensive travel in a globalized world is the issue, not the Games that start on August 5, said David Heymann, chair of the Health Protection Agency in Britain who also leads the WHO panel of independent experts on Zika…” (Nebehay, 5/30).

Wall Street Journal: Health Experts Call for Rio Olympics to Be Moved Over Zika Threat
“…The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also refrained from calling for the Olympics to be moved, taking a similar stance as the WHO by recommending pregnant women not go, and that travelers take precautions to protect themselves from mosquitoes…” (Lewis/McKay, 5/27).