WHO Recognizes International Day Of Older Persons, Urges Better Attitudes Toward, Treatment Of Older People

WHO: Discrimination and negative attitudes about aging are bad for your health
“New analysis by WHO shows that negative or ageist attitudes towards older people are widespread. They also negatively affect older people’s physical and mental health. Fully 60 percent of respondents in the WHO ‘World Values Survey’ reported that older people are not respected. More than 83,000 people in 57 countries took part in the survey which assessed attitudes to older people across all age groups. The lowest levels of respect were reported in high-income countries. … The International Day of Older Persons, celebrated on 1 October, highlights the important contributions that older people make to society and raises awareness of the issues and challenges of aging in today’s world. The theme for 2016, Take a Stand Against Ageism, urges everyone to consider ageism and the detrimental impact it has on older people” (9/29).