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WHO Issues Guidelines For Naming New Diseases In Effort To Prevent Stigmatization

International Business Times: World Health Organization Issues Guidelines For Naming New Diseases
“Scientists should avoid using geographic locations, people’s names, and any cultural references while naming diseases in order to prevent stigmatizing communities and damaging economies, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement released Friday…” (Pandey, 5/9).

New York Times: WHO Urges More Care in Naming Diseases
“…Concerned about the inaccuracies and stigmas that names of illnesses can confer upon people, animals, regions, and economies, the World Health Organization on Friday announced ‘best practices’ for naming new human infectious diseases. It called on ‘scientists, national authorities, and the media’ to heed the recommendations…” (Gladstone, 5/8).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Swine flu or monkey pox? Think again on disease names, WHO says
“…The guidelines say a name should consist of generic descriptive terms based on the relevant symptoms such as respiratory disease, neurologic syndrome, or watery diarrhea…” (Batha, 5/8).