WHO Calls For Access To 210K Displaced Syrians Facing High Temperatures, Lack Of Water, Needing Medical Assistance

Reuters: WHO seeks access to Syrians dying from heat, disease in south
“The World Health Organization (WHO) called on Thursday for access to 210,000 displaced people who have fled fighting in southern Syria and are in urgent need of medicines and health services, including some injured requiring evacuation…” (Nebehay, 7/12).

Xinhua News: Displaced in southern Syria face dire health conditions: WHO
“…[T]he majority of the displaced are exposed to soaring summer temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius and dusty desert winds, with limited access to clean drinking water, sanitation services, and adequate health care, according to the WHO. In the past week, at least 15 Syrians, including 12 children, two women and one elderly man, have died due to dehydration and diseases transmitted through contaminated water, according to WHO figures…” (7/13).