West Africa Needs ‘Capacity To Safely Deliver Excellent Supportive Care’ To End Ebola, Strengthen Health Systems

Washington Post: The secret to curing West Africa from Ebola is no secret at all
Paul Farmer, the Kolokotrones University professor at Harvard University and co-founder of Partners In Health

“…Getting to zero new [Ebola] infections is the overarching goal of what is now the world’s largest public-health undertaking. But it’s still far from an ambitious clinical endeavor. … What we need — what we’ve always needed — to improve survival in West Africa is the capacity to safely deliver excellent supportive care. … Since hospitals with poor infection control have always amplified Ebola’s spread, the two tasks — stopping transmission and improving care — are the means by which the world’s largest outbreak will be halted and proper health systems built…” (1/16).