WaterAid Seeks To Grant Pregnant Women Access To Clean Water, Sanitation

Huffington Post: Impoverished Pregnant Women Forced To Haul Water To Their Own Deliveries. Here’s Who’s Helping Them
Eleanor Goldberg, editor of HuffPost Impact

“…Every year, nearly half a million babies in the developing world die before they turn 1 month old because they’re born into unhygienic conditions, a new study released by nonprofit WaterAid found. And though half of hospitals in Africa don’t have access to clean water, the staff are well aware that expecting mothers need it, so many require the patients to cart it themselves to the clinic. … To help grant women access to sanitation and clean water at clinics worldwide, WaterAid is petitioning the U.N. to include the issue in its new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)…” (3/30).