WaterAid America Calls On Governments To Commit To Providing WASH In Health Care Facilities

Huffington Post: The Basics of Maternal Health: Taking a Stand for Clean Water and Hygiene in Health Facilities
Lisa Schechtman, director of policy and advocacy at WaterAid America

“…WaterAid, as part of our new Healthy Start Campaign, is joining the International Day for Maternal Health and Rights by calling on the world’s governments to commit to providing water, sanitation, and hygiene in health care facilities. We believe that no new health care facility should be built without WASH, and that existing ones must have water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities added in. We believe that hygiene promotion should be a part of health care workers’ mandates, and that all households should have the water and soap they need to wash their hands, dishes, and all the other things we all desire to keep clean. Last but not least, we believe that no woman should ever have to give birth in an environment that doesn’t have a toilet, safe drinking water, and soap on the premises…” (4/8).