Water Prices, Sustainable Solutions, Political Leadership Needed To Address World Water Shortage

New York Times: Water Pricing, Not Engineering, Will Ease Looming Water Shortages
Scott Moore, international affairs fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations

“…Poor planning, climate change, and an over-reliance on engineering solutions to water scarcity problems threaten cities across the globe. Unless policy makers in Washington and state capitals heed the lessons of Brazil and other countries facing crippling water scarcity, parts of America will also be left high and dry in the decades to come. … Americans, like their Brazilian counterparts, must prepare for a new era of water scarcity. But with proper planning and leadership, American cities need not see the taps run dry. It’s time for Washington, Brasília, and other capitals to stop relying on engineering fixes, and start focusing on sustainable solutions to water scarcity” (3/31).