Waste Dumps Pose Health, Environmental Threats, Report Says

The Guardian examines a new report showing that waste dumps are health and environmental threats, particularly when located near urban areas.

The Guardian: Smelly, contaminated, full of disease: the world’s open dumps are growing
“…According to the [new Waste Atlas], compiled by teams of academics and waste professionals on four continents, the 50 [largest waste dump] sites are all pollution and health timebombs…” (Vidal, 10/6).

The Guardian: The world’s biggest and most dangerous dump sites — interactive
“Waste is now a global business yet more than half of the world’s population have little option but to use dumps for disposing rubbish, creating massive sites full of hazardous materials, often in the world’s poorer countries. The latest Waste Atlas report, developed by D-Waste and supported by the Waste Atlas partnership, lists 50 of the biggest sites, and we profile 18 of the mountains of grime here, listed alphabetically by country…” (Blight, 10/6).