Washington Post’s ‘Fact Checker’ Examines Implications Of Mexico City Policy

Washington Post: Fact Checker: A year later: Does Trump’s Mexico City policy ban funds to groups that ‘even mention’ abortion?
“…At the time [of President Trump’s reinstatement and expansion of the Mexico City Policy], a tweet from NARAL Pro-Choice America caught our eye. It claimed ‘the global gag rule’ (opponents’ name for the policy) ended funding for ‘ANY health center that even *mentions* abortion.’ We determined it was too soon to be sure if this was accurate for Trump’s iteration of this policy, particularly given the administration’s signal that it intended to expand the policy. So we left it as ‘verdict pending.’ Fast-forward a year. The Trump administration did expand the rule’s reach … [G]iven the wealth of new information, does NARAL’s statement hold up? Let’s take another look…” (Kelly, 3/27).