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W. Africa Ebola Death Toll Climbs While Containment Efforts Increase; Guinea Works To Maintain Other Outbreaks

News outlets continue coverage on West Africa’s Ebola outbreak.

Associated Press: Prayers, precautions in W. Africa amid Ebola threat
“…[M]ore than a month after Guinea President Alpha Conde told reporters the Ebola outbreak that originated in his country was under control, the death toll continues to climb in his country as well as in Sierra Leone and Liberia…” (Diallo/Roy-Macaulay, 6/10).

IRIN: Curbing Guinea’s other outbreaks
“With health authorities and medical personnel battling Guinea’s first outbreak of Ebola, there have inevitably been concerns about finding the human and physical resources to combat other diseases. Unlike Ebola, measles and meningitis are well known to Guinea and require a major, coordinated response from both the state and NGOs. Despite the ‘Ebola factor,’ health organizations say they have maintained their operations and are combating measles and meningitis effectively…” (6/12).

Reuters: Sierra Leone shuts borders, closes schools to fight Ebola
“Sierra Leone shut its borders to trade with Guinea and Liberia on Wednesday and closed schools, cinemas, and nightclubs in a frontier region in a bid to halt the spread of the Ebola virus…” (Fofana, 6/11).