VOA News Examines Impacts Of Trump Administration’s Expanded Mexico City Policy

VOA News: Pregnant Women Overseas Lose Access to Prenatal Care Due to Trump’s ‘Global Gag Rule’
“Medical providers say some pregnant women in developing countries have lost access to prenatal health care because of the Trump administration’s expanded ‘global gag rule’ [– also known as the Mexico City policy –] that cut [U.S. global health] aid to international organizations involved in abortion-related activities. A recent study in the Lancet Global Health journal also reports that abortions actually increased in Africa when these aid restrictions were enacted in the past. … U.S. anti-abortion groups like the National Right to Life Committee say the impact of these U.S. restrictions have been exaggerated by opponents, and they note that more than 700 international aid organizations are still receiving nearly all of the allocated global health assistance funding. … These ‘global gag rule’ opponents object to the Trump administration imposing what they see as partisan, politically driven restrictions that impede comprehensive medical information and treatment in the best interests of the patient…” (Padden, 7/18).