View Foreign Aid As Long-Term Investment, Not Charity

Bloomberg Businessweek: Foreign Aid Isn’t Charity. It’s an Investment
Charles Kenny, senior fellow at the Center for Global Development

“…It’s time to view aid as an investment — like spending on roads and schools here in the U.S. — rather than an act of charity. In the long term, that will lead to more effective aid and possibly more assistance overall. … To make aid more effective, we should see it as an investment and focus on making sure we get what we want back from that investment. … It’s time to think of aid as one of a number of tools — alongside other financial flows, trade, the movement of people, and the creation and spread of new technologies — that promote sustainable development abroad to the benefit of all, here and overseas. And when we use aid as a tool to buy that development, it’s no use just demanding a receipt. We should demand results” (6/23).