VICE Examines Successes, Challenges Of HIV Prevention, Treatment Efforts In Islamic Nations

VICE: Is the Islamic World Facing Up to Its Rising HIV Problem?
“Despite strict rules against promiscuity, homosexuality, drug use, and sex work, the Islamic world is nevertheless — and perhaps as a result — facing up to a growing HIV problem. … For most governments in the Islamic world, public health pragmatism has trumped religious doctrine, the outlawing of homosexuality, and public prejudice. Governments have responded to the rising tide of HIV by stepping up the distribution of condoms, clean needles, and treatment for drug addiction and for those with HIV. Much of this is implemented with the help of foreign NGOs, which is also a convenient way for conservative regimes to avoid being seen as helping the ‘unworthy’ by a less than sympathetic public…” (Daly, 8/1).