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USG’s Global Nutrition Coordination Plan Must Recognize Link Between Soil Health, Food Nutrients

The Hill: U.S. global nutrition plan should bring nutrition back to Earth
Esther Ngumbi, a 2015 Clinton Global University (CGI U) Mentor for agriculture and a 2015 New Voices Fellow at the Aspen Institute

“…Given that unhealthy diets fuel chronic disease worldwide, the U.S. government is engaging every federal agency with a hand in nutrition to develop a global nutrition strategy. … But with the strategy outline finally available for public comment, I am struck by one glaring and fundamental omission: soil. … [A]s soil is depleted, relationships between the soil and plants that have evolved over eons are disrupted, and with it, human health. … The U.S. government’s Global Nutrition Coordination Plan offers an opportunity to make this connection, and to bring the global conversation on nutrition back to earth” (4/30).