USAID’s Global Development Lab Uses Collaborative Approach, Innovation To Help End Extreme Poverty

Huffington Post: A Tiger Team to Cut Through Bureaucracy
Ann Mei Chang, executive director of USAID’s Global Development Lab

“…[T]here’s much more to innovation than cool new inventions that transform lives (though we love those too). That’s why USAID created the U.S. Global Development Lab. Part of our mission is to find the next generation of breakthrough innovations to reduce poverty. But we also test new ideas to change the way we do international development. You can’t hold these innovations in your hand, but they are just as important. … The Lab is a small innovation hub within a big organization with an even bigger mission — ending extreme poverty. … USAID has a long tradition of partnership, and the Lab is testing new ways to collaborate through highly interactive multi-stakeholder workshops and design sprints…” (11/7).