USAID To Strengthen Investigation Into Possible Illicit Activities Relating To U.S.-Funded Malaria Programs In Nigeria

Channels Television: U.S. To Investigate Funding Of Anti-Malaria Initiatives In Nigeria
“The U.S. government says it is setting up a framework within Nigeria to help curb the proliferation of fake and adulterated antimalarial drugs. To this end, the United States government has launched a campaign against the theft and counterfeiting of antimalarial drugs donated by the American government to support the National Malarial Control Program in Nigeria…” (10/18).

Today: U.S. to investigate illicit diversion of USAID-funded malaria products, funds
“…Head of investigation [in the] Office of the Inspector General, USAID, Jonathan Schofield, told journalists in Abuja at the relaunch of Make A Difference (MAD) malaria hotline that the investigation bureau entrusted with the task of probing such illicit activities relating to malaria programs found some ‘troubling patterns’ in Nigeria. He explained that the probe will only be restricted to U.S.-funded projects and will be in collaboration with Nigerian law enforcement agencies…” (Bello, 10/19).