USAID To Reprogram Funds Originally Meant For Central America To Be Used Inside Venezuela

Devex: USAID reprograms Central America funds for use inside Venezuela
“Some U.S. Agency for International Development funds originally intended for Central America will be reprogrammed for use inside Venezuela instead. … [USAID Administrator Mark] Green said funds for the new agreement will amount to $98 million, some of which include the $52 million for use inside Venezuela he announced last month at the U.N. General Assembly, while $64 million is newly announced. In all, USAID said it will allocate $116 million for use inside the country, with $18 million of that being obligated outside the new agreement. … The new funds announced Monday for Venezuela bring the U.S. contribution to the crisis response to more than $632 million. Much of this money has been allocated to the regional response because humanitarian access inside Venezuela remains extremely challenging…” (Welsh, 10/10).