USAID Blog Highlights ‘SafeTStop’ Program In East Africa

In a post in USAID’s “IMPACTblog,” Carole Douglis, development outreach coordinator for East Africa, profiles a small trucking community in Djibouti “called PK-12 for ‘Point Kilometre 12’ in French.” Noting “[a]bout 25 percent are thought to be HIV-positive” in the community, Douglis writes, “As late as 2004, HIV was a taboo subject, along with condoms. Voluntary testing did not exist.” She highlights “a center for recreation and HIV education in the community,” which serves as a “SafeTStop.” The SafeTStops comprise “a network of 52 [centers] in communities along the main highways of East Africa …, part of the ROADS II program funded by [PEPFAR] through USAID and implemented by FHI 360,” she writes, noting the program has helped increase visibility of HIV prevention programs and decreased stigma surrounding the disease (7/15).