UNHCR Steps Up Response In Peru As Record Number Of Venezuelans Cross Border

Reuters: As Peru tightens its border, desperate Venezuelans cling to asylum lifeline
“Thousands of Venezuelans crossed into Peru despite a crackdown on migrants without passports or visas meant to stem the flood of immigration from their crisis-stricken nation, as many lacking those documents filed asylum requests instead. … Regina de la Portilla, a UNHCR spokeswoman in Peru, said she was unaware of any Venezuelans seeking asylum who were barred from entering Peru. She said that most Venezuelans leaving their homeland in mass should be considered refugees, given the acute humanitarian crisis…” (Taj, 6/16).

U.N. News: Record number of Venezuelans arrive in Peru: U.N. steps up response
“The U.N. refugee agency, UNHCR, has sent extra teams this week to the border between Peru and Ecuador to support the authorities, as an unprecedented number of Venezuelan refugees and migrants — over 15,000 — have entered Peru this week. … Peruvian authorities, UNHCR, and its partners, including over a dozen NGOs at the border, are working around the clock on the ground to process the arrivals, providing humanitarian assistance, medical care, information, [and] legal support to refugees and migrants on both sides of the border…” (6/16).