U.S.-Supported Emergency Aid For Venezuela Stuck At Colombian Border As Tensions With Maduro Loyalists Escalate

Associated Press: U.S. emergency aid for Venezuela arrives at Colombian border
“Trucks carrying U.S. humanitarian aid destined for Venezuela arrived Thursday at the Colombian border, where opposition leaders vowed to bring them into their troubled nation despite objections from embattled President Nicolás Maduro…” (Armario/Haberkorn, 2/7).

Reuters: Venezuela aid trucks arrive in Colombia as E.U. calls for dialogue
“…The arrival of the aid convoy, which includes supplies provided by the United States, has increased the pressure on Maduro hours after a European Union-backed group called for dialogue and elections and warned against interventionism. Maduro has rejected the aid convoy as a ‘political show’ and vowed to remain in office despite dozens of nations around the world disavowing his leadership and recognizing opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the country’s rightful head of state…” (Bocanegra, 2/7).

Washington Post: Tensions escalate over delivery of humanitarian aid to Venezuela
“…Even as seven truckloads of aid from the United States began arriving at warehouses in the key border crossing of Cucuta, Colombia, Maduro loyalists pledged to use force if necessary to keep it out. Elliott Abrams, the State Department special envoy to Venezuela, said at a Thursday news conference that, while determined to deliver the aid to the Venezuelan people, the United States and other opposition supporters would not do so by ‘force’…” (Faiola et al., 2/7).

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