U.S. Should ‘Redouble Its Commitment’ To Addressing Global Hunger, Malnutrition

Devex: Opinion: As the global child hunger crisis worsens, the world must act
Tony P. Hall, executive director emeritus of the Alliance to End Hunger

“…[N]ow for the first time in decades, global hunger is on the rise, with an estimated 815 million people now suffering from chronic undernourishment. … This unfolding catastrophe may seem daunting, but cost-effective nutrition interventions, particularly those focused on the critical 1,000-day window between pregnancy and age two, are high-impact and are already saving lives where they are found. … Although we know how to fight this issue, action requires investment. … [T]he United States can and should do more. … Diplomatic leadership at every level, starting with the U.S. secretary of state, is critical to addressing the drivers of conflict, food insecurity, and hunger, and ensuring the strong partnerships with global counterparts that are necessary to achieve lasting results. … Now is the time for the United States to redouble its commitment to the fight against hunger and malnutrition through increased investment and decisive leadership…” (11/17).