U.S. Should Designate Rohingya Crisis As Genocide, Do More To Support Refugees

Washington Post: A genocide is taking place. Luckily we Americans have other things to worry about.
Christian Caryl, editor at the Washington Post

“…[In response to the Rohingya refugee crisis, the] United States can demand and orchestrate sanctions against the Burmese military and government. It can organize pressure in international bodies. And it can demonstrate its visible opposition to those responsible and its support for the refugees. … What if our United States government were to come straight out and officially designate what’s happening to the Rohingya as a ‘genocide?’ That could potentially transform how the rest of the world discusses the issue. … What’s eminently clear is that Burma’s military is doing its best to drive these poor, stateless people out of the country and never let them back in again. And once that’s done, the foundations of Rohingya life in Burma will be over. Their refugees will be scattered among the nations that host them, but their life in Burma will be beyond reconstruction. … Isn’t this something that our country, at least, should go on the record as opposing?…” (10/23).