U.S. Should Continue To Support WHO Following Goodwill Ambassador Misstep

New York Times: The Mugabe Pick Shouldn’t Hurt the World Health Organization
Editorial Board

“…[WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’ appointment and rescission of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe as goodwill ambassador] is certain to add to the chorus of criticism from some conservative quarters of the United States that has accompanied the United Nations since its founding … Much of that has focused on the perception that the United Nations is controlled by a majority that is inimical to American interests and values and obsessed with trashing Israel, and more broadly on the notion that the United States should stay away from all multilateral organizations. That attitude, which is sadly prevalent in President Trump’s view of the world, is particularly unwarranted for the WHO, whose global health mission is one the United States should support, especially in preventing the spread of global threats like Ebola. … The real question, however, is not whether multinational forums take actions that are often infuriating — they do — but whether the way to combat this is to pull out” (10/24).