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U.S. Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Announces Plan To Lower HIV Drug Prices, Spur Development Of New Drugs

Gay Times: Bernie Sanders announces plan for an ‘AIDS-free generation’
“The Democrat’s campaign released a statement on his website claiming that one of the ‘biggest problems’ in the U.S. is allowing access to affordable drugs for HIV-positive people…” (Megarry, 3/15).

The Hill: Sanders releases plan to lower AIDS drug prices
“Bernie Sanders on Monday released a plan aimed at making HIV/AIDS drugs more affordable, part of a larger effort aimed at bringing down prescription prices. Sanders’s plan would be a major shake-up of the current drug system. … The goal is to bring down prices while still providing an incentive for companies to innovate…” (Sullivan, 3/14).

Wall Street Journal: Bernie Sanders to Unveil HIV/AIDS Research Initiative
“…[Sen. Bernie] Sanders, who is advocating a single-payer health system, will propose establishing a $3 billion annual fund to reward developers who come up with new treatments for HIV and AIDS. The candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination wants to award money from the HIV/AIDS prize fund and permit generic competition for the newly developed drugs immediately after they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration…” (Armour, 3/14).