U.S. Plays ‘Irreplaceable Role’ In Global Development, Health

Salt Lake Tribune: Stewart and Frist: The indispensable role of America in the world
Bill Frist, former Republican Senate majority leader from Tennessee, cardiothoracic surgeon, and founder of Hope Through Healing Hands; and Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah), member of the House Appropriations and Select Intelligence Committees

“…[The United States] must be smart in how we engage internationally, and apply newer models of foreign assistance that reward effectiveness and results, that promote innovation, and that recognize the indispensable role of economic growth as the engine that lifts populations and countries out of poverty. As our new USAID Administrator Mark Green often says, U.S. development assistance is a ‘hand up, not a handout.’ We must empower leaders like Administrator Green by giving them the authority and flexibility they need to reform and improve our foreign assistance programs so that they achieve maximum impact. … [W]e must not lose sight of the irreplaceable role the United States plays in promoting stability, prosperity, and dignity throughout the world. … Challenges such as pandemics, violent extremism, and forced migration will be exponentially more difficult to deal with if the United States retreats from its leadership role in global development and health” (10/23).