U.S. Investments In Infectious Disease Programs Protect American, Global Health, Economic Security

Devex: Opinion: How fighting diseases globally makes everyone safer
Chris Collins, president of Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

“…The U.S. has a history of strong bipartisan support for, and leadership on, global health. These investments see significant returns by helping to protect U.S. health security through the containment of disease outbreaks and the resulting economic toll. Here are the top three reasons why fighting infectious diseases abroad both maximizes and delivers returns on U.S. investments: 1. Global health investments see significant returns in lives saved and economic impact. … 2. Containing diseases and bolstering health systems can prevent outbreaks. … 3. Supporting global health has diplomatic benefits that promote safety and security. … By growing these investments, we keep U.S. interests in the driver’s seat, encourage developing countries to invest more in their own health, and support further global economic growth. … Support for infectious disease programs is a win-win, giving everyone a chance to live a healthy and more secure life” (10/30).