U.S. House Appropriators Draft FY20 SFOPs Spending Bill, Including Repeal Of Expanded Mexico City Policy

Roll Call: House works to end Trump’s suspension of aid to Central America
“House appropriators are trying to end a divisive suspension of foreign aid to Central America made by President Donald Trump, one of many provisions in a spending bill that would counter administration policy on a range of international issues. The draft fiscal 2020 State-Foreign Operations spending bill released Thursday would also provide more money to reproductive health programs and international agencies. The State-Foreign Operations Appropriations Subcommittee is scheduled to mark up the measure on Friday. … The legislation would repeal the Trump administration’s expanded Mexico City policy, which prohibits any U.S. global health assistance funds from going directly or indirectly to [foreign] nongovernmental organizations that provide abortions, abortion counseling, or referrals. Additionally, the bill would bar any funding from prior fiscal years from being used to carry out the Mexico City policy and would end a prohibition on funding for the United Nations Population Fund…” (Oswald, 5/9).