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U.S. Government Releases $120M In Emergency Assistance To Help Drought-Affected West African Countries

In a press statement released on Thursday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the U.S. is “‘deeply concerned’ about the humanitarian situation in West Africa” and announced $120 million in emergency assistance, United Press International reports. According to the news service, the U.N. “estimates that more than 15 million people are facing food shortages and malnutrition due to a lingering drought” and “more than one million children are threatened” (3/30).

In the statement, Clinton said, “We are currently providing targeted humanitarian assistance that addresses acute malnutrition and hunger and builds resilience”; “focused on long-term approaches to establish lasting food security”; “making highly nutritious therapeutic food available for malnourished children”; and “working to help vulnerable families and communities buy locally available food and services, while developing small-scale projects and infrastructure that can help build the resilience necessary to withstand future drought.” With the latest assistance, the U.S. “is providing nearly $200 million this fiscal year in humanitarian assistance to the Sahel region,” according to the statement (3/29).