U.S. Government Must Increase Global Health R&D Funding To Protect Americans, Stimulate U.S. Economy

The Hill: As global disease threat rises, U.S. funding for research falls
Jamie Bay Nishi, director of the Global Health Technologies Coalition

“…[I]nfectious diseases and other emerging health challenges are a threat everywhere — and not just a problem for low-income countries. The United States and the entire world must be equipped with tools to quickly address emerging threats, small and large. … Yet, U.S. government funding for researching these and other diseases like HIV/AIDS and malaria has reached historic lows. … We cannot wait for an epidemic to trigger R&D — it is simply too late. Real-time, responsive funding cannot make up lost ground. Today’s innovations are the result of yesterday’s R&D investments. By reducing U.S. commitments now, we undermine our ability to respond to future threats. … To uphold President Trump’s promise to keep Americans safe and prosperous, the U.S. government must reassert its leadership in global health innovation, increase research funding, and recommit to advancing the R&D needed to conquer major disease threats of our times. American-led innovation is an antidote to the threat of disease and key to eliminating HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and pandemics that will emerge as Ebola did several years ago. Through strong, sustainable investments in R&D for global diseases, the U.S. government can protect Americans and stimulate the U.S. economy, while delivering a healthier, more prosperous, and stable world” (2/24).